Monday, May 2, 2011

Love Number One: Indie, Vintage, and Eccentric Clothing

Thrift store clothing(Vintage stuff...); Goodwill, Urban Eccentric.

^ Best places to get cheap, and unique stuff.
[to the right...]
(Dress, $1; Urban Eccentric)
(White Knit Cardigan, $7, Goodwill)


Lace,  and a lot of it:
White and cream colored lace cardigans and shirts go well with any type of preferable denim. [to the right]
(Vintage lace cardigan, $19, Nordstrom)

Black Nail Polish: Goes with anything.
 It's my rock.

Interesting Shoes: 
Slouchy Booties...                                                                        
 laces strictly untied. 
Forever21, around $35

TOMS: Adorible shoes, and... you're saving the world at the same time. Nordstrom, +/ $46



Oxfords. So simple and sweet, you can find them anywhere.

Off Colored Pants: They make any outfit look hipster... Olive Green, Gray, Khaki, and *REMEMBER: roll the bottoms.
Oh... and Victoria Legrand of Beach House is my fashion idol. I have undying love for her.

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