Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Of: Indie Music

Sufjan Stevens, Illinoise
Beach House, Teen Dream

 Beach House live is a treat, Victoria Legrand is so unique. Saw them live in a show with Vampire Weekend.

  (Picture Below) VV


Vampire Weekend/ Beach House. (We were drenched, it was outdoors and poured the entire time.)

Junip, Fields

Vampire Weekend, Contra



Portugal. The Man, Satanic Satanist

Fleet Foxes, Self Titled

I've seen Portugal. live as well, with BRAINSTORM and telekenesis.
Great show.

Portugal. The Man. (We were second row in this concert,
plus it was indoors, so that meant NO RAIN...for once..)

Gorillaz, Demon Days
The Clientele, God Save The Clientele


V. A few of my favorites from the bands above. V

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  1. I adore all of those :)
    I'm so glad you know Fleet Foxes!